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What Is Zcash Cloud Mining?

Bitcoin was initially adopted by a small group of miners, most with a high degree of technical skill. Eight years later, that group of miners has greatly expanded as new cryptocurrencies enter the market, but still, must have a high degree of skill - or willingness to learn. Sometimes a potential miner wants to participate but doesn’t want to deal with all the equipment and the spike in electricity costs or climb the steep learning curve.

New cryptocurrencies such as Zcash provide a opportunity for miners. Miners who don’t want to invest in equipment, but do want to get started relatively quickly, can take advantage of cloud mining for Zcash. But what is cloud mining, and how can you get started?

A Quick Primer on Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is a method that allows people who don’t want to mine using traditional methods to gain quick entry into the market. Cloud miners avoid spending on typical upfront and ongoing costs, such as equipment and electricity bills. The cloud mining provider purchases and houses all the equipment and pays maintenance and ongoing costs.

For example, with Zcash mining, you sign a contract and start mining right away. Zcash rewards are paid on a regular basis in accordance with the agreement. No equipment other than a basic PC to simply track and monitor the status of the service and mining outputs is required.

Who Should Consider Zcash Cloud Mining?

A cloud-based option provides miners with more choices, but no one approach is right for everybody. So how can you be sure that cloud mining Zcash versus Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another popular cryptocurrency is right for you? This option may be the best choice if the following are true:

  • You don’t want to deal with cooling machines. Mining computers work hard and generate a lot of heat. This is expensive and requires fans to keep the equipment cool and ensure that costly equipment doesn’t break. Consider cloud mining if you want a cooler home and don’t want to deal with the ongoing noise of humming fans.
  • Electricity costs are high. Electricity costs are very high in some parts of the world. Since mining equipment uses lots of power, electricity cost is a key variable in your profitability equation. When using cloud mining, you eliminate that cost altogether, and typically the provider is located where electricity costs are reasonable, which could be a significant savings.
  • You don’t want to deal with equipment. One of the benefits of Zcash mining is that it doesn’t require powerful and expensive machines such as an ASIC miner (which is widely used with bitcoin). Mining with Zcash requires only a basic CPU or a GPU, but if you don’t want to deal with purchasing, maintaining and housing that equipment, cloud mining is a good alternative.

How It Works - Understanding Contracts

The cost of electricity and equipment are not factors if you use Zcash cloud mining, but you do need to purchase a cryptocurrency mining contract. The cost of these contracts varies based on the per-hash basis and the time period in which you purchase. For example, Genesis Mining offers contracts that span two years or longer without any fees to cut in to your zcash mining rewards. Visit our pricing page for more information.

A Few Last Words

Zcash is a relatively new cryptocurrency and has captured a lot of attention - which is why both experienced and new miners are considering it. But not all Zcash cloud mining providers are created equal, so it’s important to compare the contracts carefully - and ask questions that are key to success. For example, how secure are the funds in your account? What is preventing them from getting hacked?

With the right provider, Zcash cloud mining is a simple and straightforward way to get started with mining without committing a lot of time or space to housing equipment.

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